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Joachim Ziesche

Born on July 3, 1939 in Dresden, Germany. Forward Joachim Ziesche played 200 national team games for the former German Democratic Republic. As a player, he competed eight times at the IIHF World Senior Championships Pool A and once in Pool B. Ziesche also participated in the 1968 Olympic Winter Games in Grenoble. During his coaching career, Ziesche coached the East German club team Dynamo Berlin from 1970 to 1989 and within that time period, won the national championship fifteen times. Ziesche was also head coach of the German Democratic Republic National Team from 1981 to 1990. As a player, Joachim Ziesche was consistently among the top scorers in every international tournament he participated in and utilsed that same skill and competitive spirit during his coaching career.

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