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Anatoli Khorozov

Born June 25, 1925 in Korsun-Shevchenkovskyy, Soviet Union. Anatoli Khorozov overcame a serious Second World War injury to play many sports, whether it was football, tennis or waterskiing. Yet, despite never playing, his ultimate passion was reserved for ice hockey. From the introduction of the Ukraine ice hockey program in 1965, Khorozov was the president, where he focused on ground-level operations. He devoted much time and energy to developing the game in his homeland and was instrumental in starting numerous hockey schools throughout the country, recruiting high-level coaches to teach skills. As a hotel director, Khorozov used his business contacts to support local teams and to provide good competition by hosting clubs from Russia. Vladislav Tretiak said, 'After perestroika, ice hockey survived only because of the efforts of Anatoli Khorozov.' He was president of the Ukrainian Ice Hockey Federation for 35 years and has been an Honorary President since. Khorozov truly is the 'father' of ice hockey in Ukraine

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