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Curt Berglund

Born August 30, 1923 in Stockholm, Sweden. Builder. In 1972, Swedish Ice Hockey Association elected Curt Berglund to its Board of Directors. That same year, Berglund also became a Board Member with the prestigious Stockholm club AIK, where he not only served as the chairman, but also was assigned the duties as Treasurer. Berglund's knowledge, hard work and attention to detail within these capacities were soon extended beyond his native Sweden. Just three years later, in 1975, the IIHF recruited Berglund for similar duties. In fact, Berglund spent the next 15 years as the IIHF's Minister of Finance finally retiring in 1990, but not before helping the IIHF further establish economically as well as prestigiously. For these efforts and others, Curt Berglund has been an IIHF Honorary Member since 1990 and more recently handled Tournament Chairman duties at the 1998 IIHF B Pool World Championship that was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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