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Portuguese Flag
Federação Portuguesa de Desportos no Gelo
Portuguese Federation Logo

  • Incorporated  1999
  • Joined the IIHF  May 13, 1999
  • 116  registered players
  • President:  Mauricio de Oliveira Xavier
National Teams

Hockey in Portugal
There were only 3 ice hockey rinks in the country at the time of their acceptance to the IIHF because the history of the game is still in it's infancy in Portugal. In the summer of 1996, a large complex opened in Viseu, which featured an ice surface, among other sports facilities. Shortly after that, Portugal's first ice hockey team was assembled. Shortly after that, on November 29th, 1996, the first ever ice hockey game in Portugal was contested. 900 fans filled the arena to watch the birth of this game in their country. With the imense popularity of roller hockey in Portugal, it is not surpising tha ice hockey would be embraced by enthusiasts of the dry-land game. Due to the small size of the ice surfaces available, the game is played in a four on four version and the center-ice line doubles as the off-side line, as the surface doesn't feature bluelines. While the current lack of teams makes a national championship and impossiblity, as the game continues to grow, it will become an inevitability. Mike Ribeiro, who led the entire Canadian Hockey League in scoring with 67 goals and 100 assists in just 69 games in 1998-99 is the son of Portugese parents. Ribeiro made his NHL debut with the Montreal Canadiens in 1999-2000.

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