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Toronto Arenas

Just before the start of the 1917-18 season, the National Hockey Association dissolved, and the National Hockey League was formed. The NHL started out as a four-team league, but after their arena burnt down, the Montreal Wanderers withdrew from the new league. The Toronto Arenas captured the NHL title and went on to face Vancouver in a best of five challenge for the Stanley Cup. But the rival leagues used different rules, so a compromise was found. In odd games, the teams played NHL rules, using six players per side. In even games, the two played PCHA rules, with both teams employing a seventh player. It probably was no surprise that Vancouver won games two and four using their familiar seventh player style, while Toronto won games one, three and five, which employed the NHL's six player style. In the deciding game, Toronto beat Vancouver 2-1. Alf Skinner scored eight goals in the five games for the Arenas. Cyclone Taylor scored nine for Vancouver.

Toronto Arenas
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