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Montreal Wanderers

Finishing tied in the ECAHA standings with the Montreal Wanderers, the Ottawa Senators were forced to face their third challenge of the season, a two-game total-goals series for the Cup. Game one proved to be an upset as the Wanderers, playing at home and led by Ernie Russell's four-goal performance, hammered the Senators and netminder Billy Hague 9-1. Game two saw the defending champions needing at least an eight-goal victory, a huge and unlikely undertaking. Picking up Percy Lesueur from Smith Falls to play net, the Senators would allow the first goal of the game. Now down for a combined score of 10-1, Ottawa slowly chipped away at the lead and with every goal the crowd became louder, until with 10 minutes remaining, Harry Smith scored his fourth goal, giving Ottawa a 9-1 advantage in game two and a tie overall. Realizing they were in trouble the Wanderers began to fight back and were rewarded when Lester Patrick scored two goals, ending the game with a 9-3 loss, but winning the series 12-10. After finally losing possession of the Stanley Cup, the Senators dynasty was given the nickname "The Silver Seven". The name was not for any seven players in particular, but for all members of the club that had participated in their three-year reign as champions. Prior to the start of the 1906-07 ECAHA season, the Montreal Wanderers were forced to face a challenge from a team of amateurs that played in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotians were a little hesitant at first of playing the professionals, but eventually made the trip to Montreal and were easily handled in both games by scores of 10-3 and 7-2.

Montreal Wanderers
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