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Orr, Bobby
Boston Bruins

When Harry Howell was awarded the NORRIS TROPHY in 1967, he mentioned, "I might as well enjoy it now because I expect it's going to belong to BOBBY ORR for the next 10 years." Howell was more prophetic than he realized. After breaking in with the Boston Bruins as an 18-year old in 1966-67, ORR owned the NORRIS TROPHY for the next eight seasons. In fact, had it not been for a debilitating series of knee injuries, he likely would have won several more. As a rookie, ORR won the Calder Trophy and was selected as a member of the NHL's Second All-Star Team. In 1967-68, BOBBY ORR continued his sensational parade to the trophy table. ORR suffered the first of his knee injuries during his sophomore season, yet still managed to score 11 goals and 20 assists in 46 games. He was made a starter on the NHL's First All-Star Team and was presented with the first of his NORRIS TROPHIES. The trophy's runner-up was J.C. Tremblay of Montreal.

Orr, Bobby