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Roy, Patrick
Colorado Avalanche

The CONN SMYTHE TROPHY had been won on two occasions by just five players -- Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, Bernie Parent and PATRICK ROY. In 2000-2001, Colorado Avalanche's PATRICK ROY became the first to win the award for a third time. Avalanche captain Joe Sakic, the most valuable player during the regular season, had an outstanding post-season, but ROY was that much stronger. Colorado won 16 games in the playoffs, with PATRICK recording four shutouts along the way. Two of those shutouts were in the final against the New Jersey Devils. PATRICK ROY posted a minuscule 1.58 goals against average in 23 playoff games, helping Colorado beat the Dallas Stars in seven games to win a second Stanley Cup for Colorado. It was the fourth Stanley Cup for ROY, who won two with Montreal. For leading the Colorado Avalanche to their Stanley Cup celebration, PATRICK ROY was called to centre ice to accept the CONN SMYTHE TROPHY as the most valuable playoff performer in 2000-2001.

Roy, Patrick