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Dahlstrom, Cully
Chicago Blackhawks

In 1936-37, Chicago Black Hawks owner Major Frederic McLaughlin saw his team in last place, and decided he wanted to experiment, ridding the Hawks of all Canadians and going with an all American team. There were already four Americans on the team, and McLaughlin added five more -- hoping that by the time the 1937-38 season began, he would be able to ice a Chicago team comprised entirely of Americans. Although he abandoned the idea fairly quickly, when the 1937-38 season arrived, McLaughlin did add four more Americans, replacing the five he had signed at the end of the season. One of those players added was Carl Voss, winner of the CALDER MEMORIAL TROPHY in 1932-33. Another was CARL "CULLY" DALSTROM, born July 3, 1913 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. DAHLSTROM had been invited to training camps before -- Boston Bruins in 1933 and with the Hawks in 1936 -- but finally made the NHL with the Chicago Black Hawks for the 1937-38 season. DAHLSTROM, playing centre, scored 10 goals and nine assists for 19 points in the 48 game season, and was named the CALDER TROPHY winner. Murph Chamberlain of the Leafs was rookie runner-up.

Dahlstrom, Cully