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McLennan, Jamie
St. Louis Blues

When JAMIE McLENNAN got ill, he thought he was coming down with the flu. But when the symptoms got worse, he went to the hospital, thinking he had food poisoning. It turns out the prognosis was much more serious. JAMIE McLENNAN had bacterial meningitis. He went into a coma, but had arrived at the hospital early enough to save his life. After three weeks in intensive care and the loss of 30 pounds, McLENNAN needed to learn to walk all over again. It took almost a year before McLENNAN was able to get his energy back to normal, but he recovered sufficiently to resume his NHL career. McLENNAN played three seasons with the New York Islanders beginning in 1993-94, but was signed by the St. Louis Blues as a free agent in 1997. That season, McLENNAN played 30 games in the Blues net, winning 16, losing eight and tying two, and earning a 2.17 goals-against average in the process. For his incredible return from near-death, to playing once again in the NHL, JAMIE McLENNAN was presented with the MASTERTON TROPHY for 1997-98.

McLennan, Jamie