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Granato, Tony
San Jose Sharks

After starring with the University of Wisconsin, TONY GRANATO was chosen late in the 1982 draft by the New York Rangers. In his rookie season of 1988-89, GRANATO made an immediate impact, scoring 36 goals and 27 assists for 63 points. But midway through the 1989-90 season, TONY was traded with Tomas Sandstrom to the Los Angeles Kings for Bernie Nicholls. Again, GRANATO flourished in California, enjoying three consecutive seasons with thirty or more goals. But in 1993-94, GRANATO was injured, missing almost half the season and scoring just seven goals. Again in 1994-95, the Downers Grove, Illinois native was injured, and played just 33 games. But the next season, TONY suffered a brain injury in a Kings' game against the Hartford Whalers that not only threatened his career, but his life too. He missed the final 32 games of the regular season. GRANATO returned as a free agent with the San Jose Sharks in 1996-97, and returned to his take-no-prisoners style of play, scoring 25 goals and 15 assists for 40 points. In demonstrating perseverance and dedication, TONY GRANATO was a popular choice for the MASTERTON TROPHY in 1996-97. GRANATO retired before the start of the 2001-2002 season, having played 713 games over 13 seasons.

Granato, Tony