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Fitzpatrick, Mark
New York Islanders

In September 1990, MARK FITZPATRICK was preparing for his third NHL season, suiting up with the New York Islanders. He took a diet supplement called L-Tryptophan, and discovered that he grew tired, was chronically short of breath and suffered from swollen hands, arms and feet. FITZPATRICK still played two regular season games, but found that it was difficult to compete. The team doctors discovered that FITZPATRICK had a painful and mysterious blood disease called eosinophilia myalgia syndrome. EMS is a disease that affects the white blood cells, and harms the nervous and muscular systems. The disease had proven fatal with many who had contracted it. Specialists treated FITZPATRICK's EMS, but it necessitated his sitting out the rest of the season. Gradually, FITZPATRICK regained some semblance of normalcy. He sued the drug firm for $180 million. FITZPATRICK returned to the Islanders for the 1991-92, feeling much better, and playing a good, sound season. In 30 games, FITZPATRICK put together an 11-13-5 season, with a goals-against average of 3.20. To celebrate FITZPATRICK's return to health, defeating a potentially life-threatening disease, MARK FITZPATRICK was honoured with the MASTERTON TROPHY for 1991-92 season.

Fitzpatrick, Mark