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Martin, Pit
Chicago Blackhawks

Born Hubert Martin in Noranda, Quebec, MARTIN was nicknamed "Pit" after a comic strip character in a French language newspaper. After being scouted by former NHL goaltender Wilf Cude, PIT joined the Detroit Red Wing organization, playing a single game in 1961-62. MARTIN joined the NHL full-time in 1963-64, and played with the Red Wings, Boston Bruins, Chicago Black Hawks and Vancouver Canucks during his sixteen-year career, totalling 809 points in his 1,101 games played. During a dismal 1968-69 season where the Hawks finished out of the playoffs, MARTIN denounced many of his teammates, claiming that only three "wear their uniforms with any desire to win" and that "management wasn't interested in winning." The next season, the team rebounded, finishing in first place with MARTIN contributing 30 goals and 33 assists. For his contributions in 1969-70, PIT MARTIN was awarded the only trophy he'd win during his career -- the MASTERTON TROPHY. At the awards luncheon where he accepted the award, MARTIN again made his views known to all. "I think helmets should be compulsory in this day and age," he stated. "Guys like Bill Masterton or Ted Green would never have been injured if they wore helmets." Although only 5'8" and 165 pounds, PIT MARTIN proved that you can stand tall in the NHL by playing hard every shift of every game.

Martin, Pit