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Greg Redquest mercifully held a " one game wonder" record for a short time. Redquest, who went on to be a successful goaltending instructor, allowed three goals in his thirteen minutes of relief on March 19, 1978. The record was broken by Jim Stewart in 1979-80 with a five goal in twenty minute effort. Denis Herron, in an off-night, had allowed six goals by the time Pittsburgh Penguins coach Johnny Wilson tapped Greg on the shoulder. A little over six minutes into Greg's appearance, Alain Daigle scored his last goal of the season. Twenty-two seconds later Bob Murray tallied his second goal of the game. Stan Mikita ended the scoring with by gloving the pack past Redquest. Faced with a blowout in front of Chicago fans, the ref refused to call the goal back. Throughout his career Redquest was a fun loving individual.

As a junior he was traded by Peterborough when found hitchhiking by coach Roger Neilson. And he hadn't even played for the team yet! Out of the 1976 Pittsburgh training camp he was assigned to Columbus, of the International Hockey League. After one game Pittsburgh recalled him to be a backup. Unfortunately, he broke a skate in the warmup and was not available as the team was blown out by Los Angeles. Following his 1978 stint with the parent club, Redquest returned to the minors. After a game for Flint he was called to be the Penguins backup for a game. Thinking it was a joke by friends, Greg stayed at home until he noticed on television that there was a blank spot on the Pittsburgh bench. Several speed records were set as Greg Redquest tore to the rink.

For the 1978-79 season he played in Cherry Hill, New Jersey until the Penguins sent another high prospect down to season. With his wife eight months pregnant, Redquest returned home. He attended the 1979 Penguins training camp but decided to call it quits before the season began. Greg has been a long-time employee of the Toronto Transit Commission since leaving the Penguins organization. In hockey, Greg Redquest moved from playing to teaching with his own Proquest Goaltending Services and his involvement with Mike Gartner's National Training Rinks.

Season Club League GP W L T SO Avg GP W L T SO Avg
1973-74 Hamilton Red Wings OHA-Jr. 64 1 5.43
1974-75 Hamilton Fincups OMJHL 32 1 3.82 8 1 3.45
1975-76 Hamilton Fincups OMJHL 1 0 1 0 0 5.00
1975-76 Oshawa Generals OMJHL 55 0 4.26 5 2 3 0 0 5.48
1976-77 Columbus Owls IHL 31 1 3.95 3 0 3.79
1977-78 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 1 0 0 0 0 13.85
1977-78 New Jersey Devils NYSHL
1977-78 Flint Generals IHL 1 1 0 0 0 3.00
1978-79 New Jersey-Hampton Aces NEHL 22 0 4.70
NHL Totals 1 0 0 0 0 13.84

OMJHL Second All-Star Team (1976)
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