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Bowie, Dubbie

Bowie, Dubbie

Russell "Dubbie" Bowie began playing hockey in his hometown of Montreal at Tucker School and remained an amateur throughout his career. "I am an amateur, was an amateur, and will die an amateur," he said after his playing days were over. Well-known as a music lover, Dubbie once rejected a unique offer of a grand piano as a signing bonus from the Montreal Wanderers to turn pro with that club. So sure of his acceptance were the Wanderers that club officials even had the piano delivered to Bowie's home the day of a game in anticipation of his turning pro and playing! However, Bowie flatly rejected the offer and ordered the piano removed from his home.

He attributed his stickhandling prowess to the fact that he always used a short stick. "Mine came only up to my armpits," he stated. Bowie once scored ten goals in a game and totaled 234 goals over ten-year career of only 80 games, a career average of almost three goals per game. He played with the Montreal Victorias for his entire career, winning a Stanley Cup as an eighteen-year-old with the Vics in 1898. Bowie ultimately retired when the professional National Hockey Association (NHA) formed in 1909 and he never played again except in exhibition matches. Bowie continued his association with the game he loved as a referee for many years after his playing days had ended. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1947.

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