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Campbell, Angus

Campbell, Angus

Angus Campbell's importance to the development of hockey in northern Ontario cannot be over-stated. He contributed to the economy of the north through his talent as a mining engineer and consultant and was the originator of the Northern Ontario Hockey Association which gave so many people in the region a chance to play the game.

A native of Stayner, Ontario, an hour north of Toronto, Campbell first developed a love of the game as a schoolboy. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science degree then a Masters in mining engineering. Campbell played a lot of hockey and lacrosse at university and took a summer trainee position in the northern Ontario mining town of Cobalt before graduating. While up there he played hockey with the likes of Walter Smaill and Art Ross and won the championship of the Temiskaming Hockey League (THL). Campbell returned to Cobalt frequently while finishing his masters and developed a strong feeling for the community while playing on a team sponsored by J. Ambrose O'Brien.

Eventually Campbell stopped playing hockey in his spare time and began to search for a means to improve the organization of the sport in this part of the country. He gained valuable experience overseeing the affairs of the local THL but a more extensive structure was needed.

Campbell spearheaded the formation of the Northern Ontario Hockey Association in October 1919. The formal resolution was passed at the annual meeting of the THL to which delegates were invited from towns between Cochrane and Sudbury. A month later, the NOHA became affiliated with the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) with Campbell serving on the executive branches of both. That same year the OHA recognized his efforts of the previous few years and presented Campbell with prestigious Gold Stick Award. Later he was honoured by the group he founded when the NOHA made him a life time member.

In addition to his hockey activities Campbell was a highly visible engineer. He worked as the staff engineer with the well known McIntyre-Porcupine Mines Ltd. and a consultant for a number of other firms. Campbell served a term as president of the Professional Engineers of Ontario, worked on the National Safety Council and Accident Prevention Association and presented several acclaimed papers to the Mining Institute. After retiring Campbell moved to Toronto but continued to serve as a consultant to the mining industry until he passed away in 1976.

He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1964.

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